Lathe Cut

As a leading domestic rubber manufacturer, Jasper Rubber Products, Inc., consistently applies the same high standards of quality and technology as used in molding to the production of our lathe cut rubber products. Our advanced lathe-cut capabilities range from the simple, flat washer, to highly elaborate designs incorporating intricate grooves, chambers, as well as external coatings for color coding and/or surface lubricity. Whether a basic rubber material or custom compounded rubber, silicone, or thermoplastic polymer, your custom manufactured precision lathe-cut seals, washers, or gaskets consistently meet or exceed the accuracy your specs require. At Jasper Rubber Products, our sophisticated, automated equipment allows our skilled personnel to produce quality finished products meeting virtually unlimited options in outside dimension, inside dimension, cut thickness and material flexibility. And you will find our precision lathe cut process is ideal for cost-effective, high volume production runs and yields consistent quality from one run to the next. So you can depend on Jasper Rubber’s skilled personnel and exacting automated equipment to reliably produce products or components that meet or exceed your exacting physical and dimensional specifications. You can expect nothing less than perfection from Jasper Rubber.